The Good, the Bad and the Very, Very Ugly

I’ve come to some very clear realizations recently.

1. I am unhealthy (and I don’t just mean physically.)

2. I need to get healthy.

The number one reason I am unhealthy, both physically and spiritually, is my unnatural relationship with food. I’m an addict, pure and simple. I love food. I love brownies, pecan pie and Pop Tarts. And Zingers – oh, Zingers are from the Devil himself. These things are my drug, my comfort in times of turmoil, and my nemesis. I need to learn to eat for fuel and not for pleasure – but having said that I don’t think I need to eat flavorless gruel for the rest of my life, either. There is a fine line between loving food and loving food, if you know what I mean, and I need to find it pronto.

My time spent in the hospital with a family member really lit a fire under my butt to change things. I want to be light and free, and I mean that both in my physical weight and in my spiritual weight. Time to let go of lots of things. Time to be liberated.

I did workouts Thanksgiving morning and the morning after. I video taped both of them, and that was super duper hard for me to do. I don’t like how I look, and I really don’t like how I look on video tape. However, if I am really serious about changing myself (and I am) I need to see it. If I’m doing something wrong I need to see it plainly and correct it.

I was looking at my extra large caboose and starting to spiral in to self-pity and despair, and then I realized what an opportunity I have. Dave Tate sent out a thank you letter to Elite FTS customers this Thanksgiving that talked about what a gift adversity is because it allows you to grow and learn and change yourself.

“For me, I know that I am certainly thankful. My adversity made me a better husband, a more caring father, a stronger friend and a more accomplished leader. It caused many sleepless nights, uncertainty, pain, stress, and hurt so deep that words can’t explain. While this may push you to the edge, it also awakens the one thing we take for granted — the ability to make a choice. It’s this choice that determines what the final outcome of adversity will be. It can end up being the “excuse” for all things we never will be, or it can be the “empowering” force to grow strong(er) through extraordinary resolve.”

What a wonderful journey I have the opportunity to take. Would I love to be able to eat Zingers and sit on the couch all day, and have 10% body fat and be able to deadlift 300#? Absolutely, but would it mean anything if I didn’t have to work for it? I doubt it. (*Update* Cave Girl Eats says everything I just tried to say in a much clearer way.)

So here we go. Let’s get it on!

11/24/11 Workout

Power Clean – 2 reps on the minute/10 minutes

Deadlift (sumo) – 3 x 5
188# (straps on last two sets)
Getting a bit heavy. Back to 5/3/1 next week.

Hip Thrusts – 3 x 5
Good exercise, I like these.

Swiss Ball Leg Curls
Not on the video because I totally botched both the filming and execution of these. After reviewing YouTube footage I realized I did them wrong, which is probably why my freaking back hurt the whole time. Doh!

Now, for the video. Watch it if you dare. I had to view it through my fingers, like a gory teen slasher flick. I work out alone and coach-less, so feel free to yell out advice in comments if you feel so inclined. I welcome all feedback.

11/25/11 Workout

Squat – 3 x 5
Nothing went right today. I was falling all over myself in the warmup, and it continued on with squats. I had to drop the bar on one of my warmup sets, and I got off balance on rep three of set three and had to drop the bar. My form is horrific – I have such stiff ankles and calves that I can’t squat with my feet flat on the floor, resulting in my upper body pitching forward. Upon review of the tape I think I’ll switch to box squats. My back will probably thank me.

Good Mornings – 2 x 5
I don’t have much experience with these so the first set is baaaad. A little better on the second set, I think.

I built a homemade prowler (not pictured) and was in such a funk from the bad squats I decided to go out and push it a little. I have no cement or pavement to push it on, so I tried it in the yard. The back ski caught in a divot and I just about dislocated my shoulder. More tinkering required on this piece of equipment.


4 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Very, Very Ugly

  1. Watched the videos. You are doing good, keep the determination going on. The food thing is a tough thing to conquer. I would suggest you read Wheat Belly & The End of Overeating. Very enlightening and eye opening.

    Also here is a GREAT link for you to check out on the Power Cleans. It has helped me a TON.

    Your squats look good, you seem to be leaning to far over though. Try to keep more upright. I love hip thrusters – they are fun. Good mornings are great exercise.

    Keep up the good fight!

    • Thanks Barb! I have the Wheat Belly book, but I’m halfway through and I’m not sure I like it. I read The Gluten Effect last year and loved it, so I’m not sure what my deal is with Wheat Belly. I’ve heard of The End of Overeating, I’ll have to check that one out too.

      Thanks for the link for the cleans, I didn’t know Glenn had vids out. Good deal!

      The squats: I’d keep upright if I could. I’ve tried every cue I can find and nothing helps. I think it’s because my ankles are totally inflexible. I’m trying box squats for a while instead.

  2. You are so… awesome in your YOU-ness. I love how honest you are in your writing, and I’m with you… I’m also on a quest to be a REALLY healthy version of myself. And that is not easy. But we’re out here reading — and we’re in it with you. Best wishes from your internet pal in Austin.

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