I’m Going Down

What a week I just had. Last Monday morning was beautiful, so I took my puppy and went off on a lovely three mile hike. I pretty much just got through the door when the phone rang. My cousin was ill and needed someone to drive her 100 miles to the emergency room. I love her like a sister, so I quickly changed my clothes and we zipped down there.

Her condition turned out to be very serious and they sent us on to another hospital, this one 300 miles away. So now I was 400 miles from home, with the clothes on my back and not much else. Luckily we had relatives in town so I had a place to stay. I didn’t get home until Friday night, and let me tell you I was going freaking stir crazy in there. Sitting on your ass for five days in a row is surprisingly exhausting. The cafeteria chow was pretty good for hospital food, but based on my intestinal reactions I’m pretty sure the hamburger patties were not made of meat. I’ll leave it at that before I stray into TMI territory. Also, I do not want to think about what they were made of if they weren’t made of meat.

This morning I finally got back to my beloved dungeon and told all my barbells how much I missed them.

Squat – 3 x 5

Press – 3 x 5
1 x 10 – 40#

1000 meters @ 24 s/m
500 meters @ 26 s/m
250 meters @ 28 s/m
250 meters @ 30 s/m

9:34.4 / 2022 meters / 2:22.2 500m avg / 26 s/m

The squats felt awesome. Usually on squat day there is wailing and gnashing of teeth, and sometimes even a little bit of crying (on the inside), but today was all sunshine and roses. The first set of presses felt very heavy, the second set felt groovy and the last set felt heavy again. Since I hurt my shoulder last year my upper body strength took a kamikaze-like nosedive. Lots of work to do there.

The rowing was supposed to be two sets of what was listed above, with four minutes of easy rowing as a rest period in between. When I finished the first set I pretty much wanted to get as far away from the rower as I possibly could as fast as possible. That’s pretty typical of rowing (in my experience anyway) so I’m not freaked out about it.

Ah, it’s so good to be home.


2 thoughts on “I’m Going Down

  1. Sorry to hear about your cousin. Glad that you are doing okay though & getting back after it. Hope your cousin has a speedy recovery!

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