Squat – 3 x 5

Press – 3 x 5


Deadlift – 3 x 5

All last week I ran around in a panic because I thought we were selling our calves on Friday. We had a ton of things to do to get ready: fix fence, fix the corrals, move the yearling heifers to another pasture, move the main herd home from six miles away, sort off the replacement heifers, bull-proof a pen (bull proofing is like child-proofing, if your child weighs 2000 pounds and is really cranky) and last but not least, sort the cows from the calves, truck them to the sale barn and pray to God the market holds up.

I noticed that everyone but me was displaying an alarming lack of urgency. Things were not getting done. I was waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night because we were running late and the trucks were coming in a few days.

Then about Wednesday I realized it wasn’t that Friday, it was the next Friday. I was panicking a whole week early!

So now this week I am panicking all over again, but things are actually getting done this time around. Since I’m in crisis mode, I’ve been following Jim Wendler’s advice and sticking to the basics. Deadlift, squat, press. That much at least will keep me sane until my life returns to normal (whatever that is.)

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