Out Walkin’ In My Field – Part Two

We are still hauling hay on the ranch, and I only drive, not load and unload, so I have lots of spare time on my hands. I was just taking some books with me and perpetuating my bibliophilia, but I thought this would be the perfect time to do some bonding with my new puppy.

She’s an eight month old border collie, so she has a bottomless pit of energy. She’s also terrified of motorized vehicles, so the first time I took her with me in the pickup she literally wrapped herself around my neck and quivered and howled for the first two trips. Luckily, she’s decided that riding in the front of the pickup is pretty much like riding on a moving couch, and she likes couches, so we’re cool.

She also likes to play fetch, so I get plenty of throwing in. I used to scoff at those sling-shot thingies you can buy to throw tennis balls for dogs. I mean, what kind of wuss can’t throw a ball around for a while? Uh, me – ’cause I’ve thrown so many times my elbow is throbbing. I think I need Tommy John surgery.

Did I mention she has a bottomless pit of energy?

Today, to give my tennis elbow some rest, I took her hiking. As you can see in the photo above we have plenty of wide-open spaces to roam around in. I don’t know how many miles we put in today, but by the time we were done both of us were ready for a really, really long nap.

A sunny fall day, a beautiful place to explore, and a really good dog – you can’t get much better than that.


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