Out Walkin’ In My Field

More hay hauling today. I took along my 12kg and 25# kettlebells and each time I stopped to wait for my trailer to be loaded I did a 75-100 yard farmer’s carry, immediately followed by a 75-100 yard rack carry, and I did that five times. It just happened to work out that all of the farmer’s carries were uphill and all the rack carries were downhill. A rack carry that far, downhill, on uneven ground is no joke.

When I got home I headed to the dungeon to do a strength workout:

Deadlift – 5RM
103# x 5 / 123# x 5 / 143# x 5 / 163# x 5 / 173# x 5

GHR raises – 3 x 7

16kg Kettlebell swings
3 x 20

Today’s music (great song, weird video):


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