No Bueno on the Sprintos

warmup sets
3 x 5 – 93#

warmup set – 33#
3 x 5 – 53#

Handstand hold against wall
3 x max

I was supposed to do some sprints as well this morning, but I played kickball yesterday and I underestimated how much that took out of my legs. No bueno on the sprintos.

I hate squats. I know I’ve said that before, but I really, really, really hate them. My form sucks doggy doody. It sucks so much that my max squat is a full 100 pounds under my max deadlift. I would seriously wonder if it is possible to be that bad at squatting, but apparently it is because I am.

On that note I started the day out with my cranky pants on because I had to do the hated, horrible squats. It got worse when I moved to the presses. I’m like them better but I still suck at them too. Oh, and handstand holds. Yeah, you guessed it, I suck at those, too.

I am still helping haul hay at the ranch, so most of the day is spent in the pickup. I have to park at the bottom of a hill and wait for the tractor driver to arrive and unload me, so I decided to do some hill sprints. I did one, and it hurt. I thought about it and I decided hills always hurt, let’s do another. Then I did another and my body said “Ha, ha! Very funny! Nice try! Let’s just stop this silliness now.” Sometimes you should listen to your body – especially when it laughs at you.

The kickball game yesterday was fun. Our ranching neighbor wanted to have a block party so we all gathered at his house. The “field” was the pot holed, cow tracked, dung piled pasture by his house. The bases were old tires and home plate was some sort of circular piece of steel off a tractor. Precision sprinting was required when dealing with the tires. You couldn’t step on them, had to be careful stepping in them running full speed and you had to dodge the kickball as hitting the runner was deemed an acceptable way to get an out. Home plate had the additional fantastic feature of spinning like a turntable when you stepped on it, so many a player had their feet go out from under them when scoring or kicking a pitch.

What fun!

Today’s music:


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