Jim Wendler Has a Blog

How in the world did I miss this? Jim Wendler has a blog, and it’s good. Some of it has been posted on T-Nation or Elite FTS, but it’s worth reading again. Or three times. Or every day. That would work great.

Be aware, f-bombs are dropped, and some NWFS stuff.

Some highlights:

Habits of Strong Lifters – “Consistency – Without a doubt, the strongest and best lifters in the  world have consistently busted their ass in the weight room. For decades. Not weeks,  not a year, but decades.  There are genetic freaks out there that achieve a high level of strength quickly,  but comparing yourself to them is unfair and will probably drive you out of the sport and into a 10-year Pop Tarts & Vicodin bender. Now, consistency doesn’t always mean they’re going balls out, every day. It means they chip away slowly,  but surely.”

Fasted Cardio – “THUS – it would be fasted but not because of the Fat Guru Voodoo that they do. People don’t lose fat because they do fasted cardio – they do it because they are dedicated enough to wake up every morning and do something. If they do that, chances are they are making other life decisions that are healthy.”

You have to find what works for you – “This is especially popular amongst the population that believes that squats, presses, rows, chins, and pulls DON’T work for them.  This is becaue their parents engrained in them how special they are and they MUST have alien DNA.  Also, it should be noted that they do not bleed when they are cut, rarely burn from open flames and they have low thryoid production because that is the ONLY reason why they are fat.”

Stress and Lifting – “One important lesson that I’ve learned is when things get out of hand in  life, keep the things that you can control, controlled. This keeps you from  going insane. The other thing that I’ve always done, especially during hectic times, is to always prioritize the main lifts and nothing else. So during the football season,  I’d just make sure to squat, bench, and clean. I’d be exhausted but  I’d pick one lift a day, set a goal, and reach it.”

Time To Man Up – “Where performance and kicking ass are more important than how you look. Where people eat to live, not live to eat. Where trucks are pushed and sleds are pulled. Where reps and weight are counted, calories are not. Where running isn’t “cardio, it’s part of training and if you’re going to walk for your conditioning you best have something on your back or in your hands”

And finally, possibly the best piece of advice anyone has ever given:

1. Stretch   2. Lift   3. Sprint

‘Nuff said.

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