Chaos and Mayhem

My day started off nice and bright. The weather so far this fall has been picture perfect – cool, crisp, calm and sunny. I took the puppy out for a two mile hike early in the morning. Then right before lunch I went down to the dungeon to do a quick workout and found it to be in disarray. You can see for yourself in the picture above.

I hate working in the midst of a mess. Messy desk, messy shop, messy gym – doesn’t matter, I can’t function until it’s straightened up. The workout room arrived in this state because of two things: Chaos and Mayhem. Chaos is nine years old and she is in the fourth grade; Mayhem is five years old and she is in the first grade. I was with them when this mess was made, but when you are in their presence you pretty much aren’t aware of the degree of destruction occurring. It isn’t until after the fact that you realize a herd of rampaging wilderbeasts ran roughshod through your house.

I would like to point out that these children are not my own, they are my cousins. I’m not one of those people that says “If those were my kids they would never act that way.” Yeah, right. If they were my kids they’d act exactly that way, and perhaps much worse.

Our extended family always goes out to a restaurant on Sunday afternoons to have a meal (obviously, why else would you got to a restaurant – to play pachisi?) One day the pastor of our church joined us and I sat down first. He was going to sit down next to me when my uncle yelled out “No! Do NOT sit by Tami!” The poor pastor had the strangest look on his face, probably thinking “I just shook hands with this woman and she has a Biblical case of the plague, leprosy and smallpox all rolled into one. Must go home and douse myself in gasoline!” Then my uncle explained, “Wherever Tami sits is where the kids sit, and wherever the kids sit is chaos and mayhem.”

But I digress, and it looks like I digressed quite a bit. After viewing the mess and weeping gently for a few minutes, I cleaned up the gym and did this workout:

9 hang power cleans – 73#
10 ball slams – 16#
6 hang power cleans
15 ball slams
3 hang power cleans
20 ball slams


Just a nice quick sprint to test out my sore leg and shoulder. Looks like it’s all systems go!


One thought on “Chaos and Mayhem

  1. Great Blog Post – Made me Chuckle! I know exactly how ya feel, cause that is how my cave looks after the boys come and workout with Mom. 🙂

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