Paleo Comfort Foods

The Fed-Ex chica pulled up about thirty minutes ago and presented me with my copy of Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield.

I’ll admit, I’m an enthusiastic foodie, but I wasn’t really atwitter over this book. I was, however, seduced by the beautiful cover. Yes, I am an art slut. I buy books because I like the cover.

Having cracked it open and taken a look, though, I can say without a doubt this cookbook is awesome. I can’t wait to start cooking from it. It contains recipes for everything from ketchup to osso buco, and they all look fantastic.

I love the way Paleo eating makes me feel, and I love the things it does for my body. But dang it, how much meat + veg can one person eat? This book presents lots of ways to spice up a paleo diet, and it would also be a great gift for a person on the paleo diet fence. Familiar dishes, presented in a healthy way, and easy to make.

Money well spent, I say.

The only thing I don’t like – and this is true of 99% of all cookbooks – is the binding. I wish it was ring bound. I hate trying to keep a paperback or hardback book open while trying to cook and read the recipe. When I am dictator of the world I will pass a rule that all cookbooks must be ring bound. I will also forbid cinnamon to be combined with chocolate. That’s just sick and wrong.


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