In A Pinch


1) Sumo Deadlift – 5×5

2A) Single arm kettlebell press 4 x 7 – 8kg
2B) recline rows 4 x 10

3A) DB hammer cheat curls – 2 x 8 – 20#
3B) Pushups – 2 x max reps

4) ab circuit x 3
barbell roll outs (red band assisted) x 10
plank hold 50 sec.
russian twist w/8kg kettlebell x 10/side
Hanging leg raise x 10

5) Grip work – 3 sets
25# plate pinch hold – 15 seconds
wrist roller x 4

The limiting factor today on a lot of the work was my grip. I had a heck of a time holding on to the bar on the deadlifts. On clean grip deads it’s not a problem until I get up around 200#, then I have to switch to an over/under grip, but on the sumos my hands drag on my thighs on the way up and I lose my hold on the bar.

Then pile on the rows, cheat curls, hanging leg raises and top it all off with the grip work and it’s a boiling cauldron of grip misery.

Hmmm, it’s almost like someone planned it that way.


4 thoughts on “In A Pinch

  1. Grip is for sure a limiting factor without a doubt. In fact I find that I really FRY my CNS after a heavy or long Deadlift session. Especially with our line of work being what it is. So after 2 yrs of constantly over doing it on the grip thing, I broke down and got some straps. ‘
    Best 10 dollar investment ever!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t use them til I get to 225 on the deads, but I always use them on the rack pulls.
    Also on the over/under grip, I find that I pull un-even & this causes my left hip flexor to get REALLY REALLY tight and inhibits my pulling and then spills on over into my squat session. Since switching to the straps – no such problems. In fact I PR’d on deads the other day, which has not happened in a long time.

    So anyhow that is my little story, hope it gives you something to think about 🙂

    Btw I love that you are on FB, so much easier to keep up with you!

    • I do have straps, but I usually resist using them because I want to build my grip up. Not sure if that’s misguided or not, but I’m going to use straps next week. Just to experiment a little.

      I do agree on the over/under creating imbalances. When I did conventional grip with over/under I noticed the right side of my low back hurt all the time. Since I switched to sumo and double overhand it’s completely pain free. Probably helped that I stopped doing heavy back squats too – lots of shear on the spine with that. In the future I’ll probably stick to front or goblet squats.

      Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it!

    • Not at that weight, it’s fairly light for me. But if I bump them up to 25#, yeah I struggle with them a lot too! Lots of technique there – I’ve found if you get the bell balanced on your forearm just right and keep your whole body really tight it helps a lot.

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