1A) Sandbag squats 5 x 5 – 25#
1B) Sprint 100 yards x 5

2) Walking sandbag lunges – 25#
1x 50 feet
1 x 25 feet

3A) handstand hold on wall – 3 x max
3B) recline rope rows – 3 x max

4) Sled drags x 5 minutes non-stop
alternate forwards and backwards
(tire + 25# sandbag)

Wooooooooo. MTLD!

In case you’re wondering, that means Mother Truckin’ Leg Day! Or MFLD if you’re a sailor and you kiss your mother with that mouth.

I did the squats, sprints, lunges and sled drags in front of the puppy’s pen and she was howling. I believe in puppy language that means “Let me out and I’ll chew on your leg. That will make you run faster!” I declined her kind offer.

The sprints – and I use that word loosely in this case – were horrible. I felt like a 90 year old woman with a bad case of bunions and hemorrhoids. Yes, they were that bad.

Well, no where to go but up, I guess.


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