Get My Mise In Place


1) Sumo Deadlift – 5×5

2A) Single arm kettlebell press 4 x 5 – 8kg
2B) recline rows 4 x 8

3A) DB hammer cheat curls – 2 x 6 – 15#
3B) Pushups – 2 x max reps

4) ab circuit x 2
barbell roll outs (red band assisted) x 10
plank hold 40 sec.
russian twist w/8kg kettlebell x 10/side
Hanging leg raise x 10

5) Grip work – 3 sets
DB hex holds x 20 sec. (10#)
wrist roller x 3

Up at the crack of dawn to start the day. I was really unorganized this morning and it bugged me big time. I need to be like a chef and get my mise en place – but instead of little bowls with spices and knives I need to have my weights and bars set up. Too much fumblin’ goin’ on this morning!

Today’s music:


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