Easy Does It


2 minutes Turkish get-ups
8kg kettlebell

2 minute rest

5 minutes Turkish get-ups
25# kettlebell


2 mile walk with the dogs

I eased into my newly planned workout program today. A nice solid get-up session with the kettlebells and then a little hike with the pups to get my legs and feet used to something other than sitting in a tractor for 14 hours a day. I had quite the view on our walk. The neighbor’s sunflower field is at it’s zenith, and it’s a sight to behold.

Incidentally, South Dakota is the #1 producer of sunflowers in the world. At least I think so, because I heard a chick in the ice cream store in Rapid City tell that to Rachel Ray. Of course, she was probably just trying to sell her some sunflower flavored ice-cream. Rachel Ray would never lead me wrong. I believe you, Rachel.

Tomorrow I hope to have time to build some new gear. I have four old rollers from a baler, an old section of pipe that fits my Olympic plates perfectly, some sucker rod, and a welder.

That sound you hear? Oh, that’s just me, rubbing my hands together with glee.


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