Thursday Throwdown on Friday

I was up bright and early this morning. Actually, I hardly closed my eyes, because we had terrible weather here last night and I was up checking the sky for rotation and wondering if I should head to the basement. Wow! Windy! Finally, I got tired of watching the trees in the backyard bending over and I decided to just go to bed and pretend it wasn’t happening. Denial is one of my greatest talents.

So I got up not long after I went to sleep and did Travis Stoetzel’s Thursday Throwdown:

Pull-up ladder (one pullup the first minute, two the second minute, etc. until you are not able to get all the reps in the time available)
One, one arm snatch per arm every minute after the pull-ups are completed.

I did ring rows and did the snatches with my 25# kettlebell, for 11 rounds.

Then I went for a walk with the dogs. My back tightened up a lot on the walk and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I realized I spent approximately 75% of the time crouched in a defensive position trying to keep the puppy from crashing into my legs. She does “come” very well, but has yet to grasp the concept of “stop.” She’s grown a lot and it’s kind of like having someone throw a fuzzy 25# kettlebell at your lower legs at high velocity.

It would be annoying if she wasn’t so sincere in her regret.

Me: “Rosie! Stop! Noooooooo!”

Rosie: “Sorry, I forgot! I loooove you!”

Repeat for 30 minutes.



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