8 Kilos is a Lot of Kilos

I was itching to try out my brand spanking new kettlebell so this afternoon I did this:

1 minute Kettlebell Snatch (8kg)
rest 1 minute
2 minutes kettelbell snatch
Rest 2 minutes
x 3 rounds

Rest 2 minutes

1 minute kettlebell swings (35#)
rest 1 minute
x 3 rounds

And then my grip completely failed and I had to go sit in a quiet dark corner for a while. I also threw up in the back of my throat, just a little. That hasn’t happened since the second to last time I did the CrossFit workout Helen. incidentally, the last time I did Helen will be the last time I EVER do Helen. I also once worked for a woman named Helen, and she also made me throw up in the back of my throat, and quite often at that. But that’s another story. All Helens shall heretofore be avoided.

I video taped the snatch portion of the workout, and I have to say my form becomes quite atrocious after a minute of snatching. The camera was apparently appalled as well, because it shut itself off before I started the swings. I do know my form was better on those because my back doesn’t hurt.

That 12kg competition bell I was planning on getting for myself is looking farther away. 8kg on this workout was plenty.


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