Better Than a Tarantula

Test One Rep Max Deadlift

103# x 5
153# x 5
183# x 4 (grip failed, double overhand)
203# x 3
223# x 2
233# x 1
253# x 1 (PR)

I was really pleased to see that my strength has at least held steady and in fact, may have increased a little tiny bit over the last two months. I did no barbell lifting in that time, and only did two kettlebell swing workouts per week (plus some other kettlebell stuff here and there.)

I’m going to go back to Wendler 5/3/1 for deadlifts next week. I miss my barbell. I also miss my deadlifts. I love them so.

On the “bad news” front, I procured another video camera and filmed my workout. This was good, because I got to check my form. This was bad because I absolutely hate to look at myself – and I mean like a pathological hate. Can’t do it. I’d rather look at pictures or videos of myself than be within 150 miles of a tarantula, but that’s about the only thing that trumps it.

I learned three things watching myself on video.

#1 – My ass should have it’s own area code. Baby got back!

#2 – My kettlebell swing form is horrible (I did swings to warm up for the deads.) No wonder my stinkin’ back hurts! Apparently I forgot I have these things called legs, and I just bend over instead of pushing my butt back and loading my hamstrings. Sorry back, I will rectify this situation and hand some of the work over to the hammies and glutes. You’re welcome.

#3 – I may try tinkering with sumo deadlifts. Though I am very short (5’2″), two thirds of my body appears to be legs. Sumos may be more appropriate for my body type.


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