Irritation level 4 – Defcon Red!

Did you ever have one of those days when nothing went your way? Yeah, me too. Like today, for instance.

I got up early to bale hay, meaning I was short on sleep and being short on sleep makes me short on temper. I established a baseline of cranky right at the crack of dawn.

Then I came in the house and had to work on an extremely complicated computer project that I’ve been dreading for weeks. More cranky. My 35# kettlebell was sitting in the office so every time my ire overflowed I grabbed it and did 20 swings. I think I ended up doing 80 or so with the 35# bell.

Then I decided to do my workout. 10 minutes wall squats, kb halos and pumps. 12 minutes 30 swings/1:00 easy row.

The wall squats and pumps made my knees hurt. Irritation level 2 – Defcon Yellow.

I decided to try jump rope for the rest interval. I need two timers for this but the Gymboss only counts up, not down so I had no way to time the minute intervals. I did one round anyway and spent more time untangling the rope from my toes than actually jumping. Irritation level 3 – Defcon Orange.

I switched to the rower and started the whole workout over. I forgot to put on shoes, so I started to get blisters. My feet were sweaty by this point so I hopped around the room with my sore knees trying to cram my sticky (and stinky) feet into the shoes. Now the rower monitor refuses to continue on after the first interval and I don’t notice until I’ve started rowing. I have to switch to “Just Row” while trying not to flip the moving handle into my face. Irritation level 4 – Defcon Red. Take cover!

In the grand scheme of things, not serious. I’ll live – but I will be very prickly for a while.

Today’s (extremely appropriate) music:



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