Pavel In The House

My copy of “Enter The Kettlebell” was liberated from the Post Office yesterday. I would have read the whole thing cover to cover last night, except I had to take a break for that pesky thing called sleep. Luckily, it was a rainy day so I was able to polish it off this afternoon.

Excellent book.

I immediately realized I was doing both the wall squats and the pumps wrong, so I fixed that in today’s warmup.

Warmup – 10 minutes of:

Wall squats
KB halos


5 minutes of Turkish Get-Ups

I also cruised the net obsessively for kettlebell instruction videos and I came across some from Tracy Reifkind. Tracy was the lady featured in Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Body and the main reason that I started doing more kettlebell swings. She has an excellent blog that has tons of kettlebell material and also quite a bit about diet and struggles with food issues. I hear ya, sister.


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