AMRAP – 10 minutes:

10 wall squats
10 KB halos
10 pumps


AMRAP – 12 minutes:

30 kettlebell swings
1:00 easy row

5 rounds + 30 swings

My worksheet said 20 swings were in order, but that does not make sense in context of the program. Every other week adds ten swings per week on both days. I assumed 30 was the correct amount and went with that. I may be wrong, however, and Pavel will show up tomorrow and punch me in the face for being a stupid capitalist running dog.

I would know for sure if I had the book. I do not have the book because it is sitting in the post office because my capitalist running dog local postal service does not deliver mail. Pickup only, pigs.

Off on a tangent here, but our local postmistress has the not-so-complimentary nickname “Stoneface” because she follows the RULES, dammit. And the rules say if the window closes at 11:00 AM and you show up at 11:01 to pick up your package of life-saving medication after having driven 60 miles in the snow to get there, well tough luck sweetie. Rules are rules. She is also generally unpleasant to just about everyone, except me. I once went into the post office to mail a package to Afghanistan to a military APO address and she thought she spotted a mistake on my customs form. She was about to crush my soul when I pointed out to her that it was not, in fact, a mistake. And it wasn’t, I won. She’s been nice to me ever since. Coincidence?

Speaking of the crushing of souls, I love/hate the way the C2 rower orders me to ROW in giant capital letters when I set the row intervals to “undetermined rest time.” I hate being bossed around and being bossed around my an inanimate object is especially galling. Although, if the object is capable of evaluating my behavior and adjusting it’s reaction accordingly, is it still inanimate?

Today’s music:


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