Steady As She Goes

Warmup – AMRAP, 10 minutes:

10 wall squats
10 KB halos
10 pumps


5 minutes Turkish get-ups

The get-ups felt a little wobbly this morning. Wobbly and loaded Turkish get-ups do not go very well together. Danger! But I lived! I didn’t maim myself or destroy any property. That’s a win, in my book.

Speaking of destroying property, I made this little movie before I broke my camera. It’s called “The Girl Who Baled Hay.” It’s about, well me… baling hay.

2 thoughts on “Steady As She Goes

    • Ha! The ipod like device is essential. When I was a kid I never even had a radio. I was the raker and my tractor had no cab, no fenders, and an old bar stool bolted on for the seat. Oh, and no radiator cap, of course. Having a cab is like a luxury!

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