Hard Style

Yesterday morning I did a quick kettlebell workout:

30 seconds kettlebell swings
30 seconds rest
30 seconds kettlebell clean
30 seconds rest
30 seconds kettlebell snatch
30 seconds rest

for 25 minutes

It didn’t feel too difficult while I was doing it (I used a 25# bell) but boy are my arms sore today. Of course, I’ve also been helping my uncle build a deck the last two days and I’ve been slinging power tools around over my head and packing exteremely heavy 2×10 boards around. So I’m not exactly sure what is sore from what.

I love the kettlebell stuff, but my technique is horrible. The swings are not too bad, kinda hard to mess those up (unless your name is Jillian Michaels, apparently.) I am firmly in the Russian camp on the swings, by the way. The cleans are horrific, I keep banging the bell on my forearms. I know I’m not supposed to do that, and I know what the correct technique is – it’s just that there is a very large gap between theory and application when it comes to my particular case. The snatches are iffy on the right side and not too bad on the left, which is surprising because my left arm is weaker and I’m right handed. Go figure.

I haven’t been doing any barbell work the last few weeks because I have a pain in my ass. No, I didn’t say I was a pain in the ass, which is also true, but that I had a pain in the ass. Literally. One night I was laying on the couch, enjoying a rainy day of rest and my left glute started to ache. It got worse, and I tried to stretch it, thinking it was a cramp. Bad idea. I must have pulled it or tore it somehow and I couldn’t even walk for a week or so. Turns out you use your ass for quite a bit more than sitting on it – like everything, for instance. I still have no idea how I incurred this particular injury, but I’ve been taking it easy for a while. Hopefully next week I can get back to the barbell.

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