Stop! It’s Puppy Time!

In the morning:

Three mile walk.

In the evening:

Press – 5/5/5+
45# / 51# / 58# (6 reps)

Deadlift – 5/5/5+
149# / 172# / 195# (7 reps, with belt)

Among other things that have occurred in my busy, crazy, insane life, I recently got a new puppy. She’s old enough now to come along for my three mile walks. I keep her on a leash, because even though the ranch is in the back of beyond there are still things like snakes and tractors lurking about. Let’s just say that border collies are not for the faint of heart. Great dogs, but they have wells of energy that never run out. Ever. So since the pup was on a leash and had an undeniable desire to RUN, I did jog now and then. This excited the pup so much she ran around me in circles and wrapped the leash around my legs, so in addition to running I also tried my hardest not to face-plant into the gravel.

That would hurt.

Later in the evening I did the lifting and it totally sucked. I haven’t been drinking enough water the past few days and I really felt it. Ah well, just one of those days.

Tomorrow I may possibly go to the big city and in the big city is a little place called Cold Stone Creamery. There is not a force in the universe that can keep me from Cold Stone Creamery. Gravity? Pshaw! It’s cancelled out by the irresistableness of Germanchökolätekäke (minus the cocount, plus Oreos and dark chocolate ice cream.) If you find yourself between me and the front door of this fine establishment you better move your henie, because I will go through or over you to get in. I will not be denied. And I’m going to enjoy every second of it.


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