No Bones About It, That Was Salty

Back Squat – 5/5/5+
100# / 115# / 130# (5 reps, with belt)


30 clean and press for time with 50# salt block

So here’s the deal-e-o: I took a few weeks off because I got sick, we had an epic calf branding episode, I had multiple nagging injuries and I just all-around didn’t feel good. That brings us to today, which was squat day. No denying it, I hate squats. Just flat-out hate them. I have also gotten into the habit of not doing anything during deload week – which I need to quit, post-haste.

Needless to say, I was feeling a bit rusty on the squats. Halfway up on the third rep of the second set I lost my concentration, my balance and possibly my mind and I pitched forward towards the wall. Well, staggered forward, more like it. Luckily, my “squat rack” is homemade (of course) and consists of two 4×4’s that are bolted vertically to the ceiling. After about three steps the barbell hit the posts and stopped me from putting my head through the sheet rock. I was able to then just kind of slide up the posts and re-rack the bar.

As you can imagine, I then had a mini-freakout as my over-active imagination fed me images of what could have resulted from this mishap that featured the entire cast of CSI and Bones combined. After my legs quit shaking and I finished thinking about how dreamy David Boreantz is, I got back under the bar and finished the set.


Then I toodled down to the shop and did the workout of the day, which was Log Clean and Press x 30 reps (which I do not have) or an odd object clean and press x 30 reps. If it is one thing I have plenty of it’s odd. I also have plenty of objects, so I put those two things into my magic idea machine and came up with a salt block. Salt blocks (pictured above) are for the cows, and they come in handy 50# increments and feature nifty little divots on the sides for your fingers. Perfecto! It took me 5:50 to complete, but most of the time was spent rolling the block back around into position after I dropped it.



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