Just Let It Be

Push Jerk – 2 x 1

Back Squat – 5/3/1+
111# / 126# / 141# (2 reps, with belt)

I just felt like poop today. I think I’m coming down with a cold or something and my feet feel like they are encased in cement. I planned on multiple sets of the push jerks, but on the first rep of the second set my body pretty much stomped its feet, threw a tantrum and said “I don’t wanna!”

Okay. Point taken.

Then I tried the back squats. The more I worked the worse I felt. I don’t know if I was playing head games with myself or what, but after the last set I felt like I just wanted to go lay down for a week or so. I could have done more reps on the last set, but I think today it was wise to just let it be.

Live to fight another day, as they say.


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