‘Twas Not To Be

This morning I got up early, planning to do the third workout of the week from the Bags, Bells and Bodyweight system. I went through the warmup and felt great. The first part of the workout called for broad jumps. I toed the line and took my first mighty leap (ok, mighty for me.)

Hmmm, I thought to myself. It kinda feels like my stomach muscles are ripping apart. How very odd. I think I will try another.

Hmmmm, that hurts worse. “Self,” I said. “Perhaps we should stop doing that now.”

But, being that I am myself and no one else, I tried one more. You know, just in case the pain and tearing sensations were really something else other than an imminently occurring injury. That’s just how I roll.

So my last leap was not so mighty and it still hurt. Then my common sense finally whacked me on the back of the head like Gibbs from NCIS and I stopped jumping around.

Well, I thought, I can still do the 20 minute density set. Um, not so much. Turns out you use your stomach muscles for a lot more things than you would think. Or a lot more than I would think, as it were.

So I ended up just doing six sets of sixty yard sled drags (tire plus 25#.) When in doubt, drag.

Later the sunshine came out and I took the dogs for a nice stroll in the country. The sunlight on my skin was like a soothing balm and I felt alright with the world and life and even my aching stomach muscles.


2 thoughts on “‘Twas Not To Be

  1. I have had the same thing going on with my Glutes. I went to deadlift on Sunday and seriously felt like my glutes were going sproing right out from my leg!! Hope you get to doing better 🙂

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