Do These Shoes Make Me Look Taller?

Push Press – 3×3

Deadlift – 3/3/3+
158# / 180# / 203# (6 reps, unbroken, with belt)

Stupid Tami Trick of the Day – I walked up to the squat rack to unrack my bar for the push presses and I had a surreal moment where I thought I actually grew. I felt taller. I looked at the squat rack – which is, of course, homemade and non-adustable – and the bar was definitely lower. I had an extremely brief, euphoric, nonsensical moment where I really thought I grew an inch. Which I had, because I was wearing my lifting shoes, which have a one inch elevated wood heel.


Ah well, a girl can still dream, can’t she?

Today’s musical selection – great song, odd video. Those silly English-type people.


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