The Blahs

2 mile walk with the puppy.


Press: 3/3/3+
46# / 53# / 60# (8 reps)

I’ve come down with an extreme case of The Blahs the last few days. I’ve been trying to figure it out, and I think it’s the weather. It was a cold, dark, wet winter and so far it’s bled over into spring. I’m not a fan of being cold, and usually I clench up at the end of October and I don’t thaw out until May. This year I have yet to unclench.

I’m not making excuses, it’s my own doing that I’ve been eating badly and not dragging my butt out of bed early enough. But dang, I would love to go outside and see the sun and maybe take a few more layers of clothes off. I took my new puppy for a walk today and I wore a pair of shorts, insulated sweat pants, a thermal undershirt, a t-shirt, two hoodies, a headband, a cap and a pair of gloves. And it’s almost June, for crying out loud!

Mostly what I want to do is curl up with my blankie in the warm house and suck my thumb.

I feel bad whining about it though, I have family in Texas and they would give pretty much anything for a little rain. I think half the freaking state is on fire or blowing away. So sorry Texas, I take it all back – I love the cold, the dark, and the rain. Really.


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