Less Is More

Push Press – 3 x 5

Deadlift – 5/5/5+
146# / 169# / 191# (10 reps, with belt, not max)

The deadlifts felt freaking awesome. They practically flew up off the floor. I did all ten reps with 191# without stopping and without letting go of the bar. I probably had some more in the tank but I didn’t want to push it to max today.

I have found in my experimentations that my deadlifts actually get better if I do them less. By less I mean lifting only twice a month and going really heavy in my last max set. Three times a month is okay too, but twice seems to be the magic number for me. I’ve heard both John Welbourn and Zach Even-Esh recommend this method as well. I’m not sure if the big base I built up doing the Pavel/Dan John 3×5 sets at lower weight four times a week made a difference or not. Possibly.

Conversely, I’ve also found I get stronger with squats and presses if I do them more, like twice to three times a week. I’m sure there’s some scientific reason for this, but I have no idea what it is.

Hey, whatever works!


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