Holy Hamstrings Batman!

Bags, Bells and Bodyweight workout #3

1A – Broad jumps

2A – Density set (as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes)
a. 10 air squats
b. 3 push-ups
c. 10 walking lunges (5 per leg)
d. 5 recline rows
c. 10 sprawls

3A – turkish get ups, mountain climbers, planks

4A – Sled drags: Tire + 25#, 3 x 60 yards

Holy hamstrings Batman! There will be no deadlifting tonight, I can tell that much. I modified the density set enough that I don’t think posting it will be a problem. I could have done a lot more push-ups but I was being very careful with my shoulder. Every rep was super strict, elbows back, chest to the floor. I ended up with four full sets and then I dropped the sprawls down to 5 per round and did three and a half more rounds. I seem to feel the sprawls a lot more in my abs than I would a burpee, and I kept thinking about some pictures I just saw of someone who overdid GHD situps and had compartment syndrome or rhabdo in their stomach. No thank you.

Today’s musical selection:


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