Back Squat – 5/5/5+
97# / 111# / 126# (5 reps – not max)

Press – 5/5/5+
43# / 50# / 56# (9 reps – not max)


Bags, Bells and Bodyweight workout #2
(box jumps, lateral lunges, recline rows, handstand holds against wall, bodyweight deadlifts, bear crawls, crab walks, v-seats and hip extension holds)

I felt really good on the lifts this morning, but I didn’t max out my reps on either. I knew I was going to do the bodyweight stuff immediately following and I wanted to have something in the tank for that. I’m not sure, but I think maybe I could have got at least ten reps on the 126# squats if I had wanted to push it.

The first portion of the bodyweight workout was supposed to be power skips for max height and distance. While I was doing the presses my knees held an emergency meeting and said “If you do those skips we’re leaving you, and we’re not kidding.” How could I argue with that? So we compromised and I switched to box jumps instead.

Not so long ago I may have agonized over that decision. I was enraptured by the “faster is better, more is better” line of thinking. Now I am inclined to think that better is better. There are times when you need to really push it to improve yourself, but I think you also need to be aware of your limits. You need to understand the difference between not doing something because you don’t want to do it and not doing something because you shouldn’t do it.

All in all, I had a really good workout. As I was cooling down and finishing up my stretching I had that groovy endorphin high kick in and I was feeling good. Then this song came on my ipod and it capped off a pretty golden morning.


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