Five Things My Body Can Do

A few days ago Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan linked to a post about making five short positive lists about yourself. Basically, they are:

Five things you love about yourself.
Five things your body can do.
Five things you’re grateful for.
Five things that make you happy you’re alive.
Five people (or pets) who you love.

Today’s topic is “Five things your body can do.”

1. It can take a beating. As a martial artist and a rancher I have been thrown to the ground, choked, kicked, punched, slobbered on, bitten, bucked off, drug, ran over, scratched and probably a dozen other things I can’t think of right now (that’s the drain bamage talking.) When my friend Linda (aka The Crusher) tested for her black belt in judo I was her uke (the person who gets beat up.) After the test a very nice lady black belt from another school came up to me and said “You did a great job during the test. “I was opening my mouth to say ” I didn’t do anything but fall down” when she said “I watched you through the whole test and I though, wow, that girl can sure take a beating!” Uh, thanks.

2. My fingers are double jointed. (See the picture above. That’s my palm on the ground.) This provided endless hours of entertainment in school. “Hey Tami, do that thing with your fingers again!” Also, this is how I found out I was white. I grew up on a Reservation, and I was one of probably five white kids in my class, though at the time I didn’t realize it, I thought we were all the same. I did my finger trick one day in gym class in first grade and everyone was making a big deal out of it. One of the little girls came over, took a look, and sniffed “Ah, that’s a white people thing.” I remember thinking, “Oh no, I am white!”*

3. My body can lift stuff up and put it down. Deadlifts (my favorite), squats, cleans, jerks, snatches, kettlebell swings, med ball slams, kata guruma. Not to mention picking up calves out of the snow, picking up a bucket of feed to give to my cows, and picking up my little cousins to give them hugs. I’m ever so grateful that my body is healthy enough to do these things.

4. I can make art. Drawing is one of my favorite things in the whole world, and I majored in art and graphic design in college. Artists make something out of nothing and I think that’s really cool. I love that my hands and eyes and soul can make something beautiful.

5. A spinning hook kick. Seriously, I can do that. And it is as much fun as it looks like.

*This ancedote is meant to be for amusement and entertainment purposes only. It is not a commentary on race relations. I loved growing up where I did and I have Native American family, friends, teachers, and neighbors. We all love each other and laugh about the stupid things we do, like not realizing you are white not because of your skin color but because your fingers bend backwards at a crazy angle.


5 thoughts on “Five Things My Body Can Do

    • That is frexciting! 5/3/1 is awesome! I’ll send you my spreadsheet that makes finding your percentages easy. If anyone else wants a copy just shoot me an email at tamicollins at

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  2. Um I cant draw & I admire folks that can, so this is me admiring you.
    Great post by the way. 5/3/1 is an awesome program btw….. I made tons of progress with and am getting ready to shift back to it again 🙂

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