Bags, Bells and Body Weight

And now for something completely different…

I’ve been stalking Travis Stoetzle’s blog for a month or so and he came out with a training system last week called “Bags, Bells and Body Weight.” I was intrigued, but the $47 price seemed a bit steep. Among other things, I am a tightwad – hence my love of building things out of junk. But, the clock is ticking on the possibility of me testing for my black belt in judo this year. The test is now less than five months away, and I am nowhere near ready. So I took the plunge and purchased Travis’ system.

I’ve been pretty consistent about lifting, but my conditioning workouts haven’t quite been up to snuff. Like most human beings, I tend to cherry pick. I end up doing stuff I like or stuff that isn’t too terribly painful. I need someone to light a fire under my ass and then kick it.

I clutched my wallet to my chest as I considered that $47. Then I thought about it. It’s essentially a 10 month program, and where else can you get 10 months of personal training for $47? Exactly, nowhere.

So I bit the bullet and bought it.

Today was the first workout and I do indeed feel as if someone lit my ass on fire and then kicked it. Which I guess is what I payed for, so yipee.

I won’t post the workout in detail, you’ll have to cough up your own $47 if you want to see that. I will say that it had the following components:

Bear crawls
Walking lunges
Tuck jumps
Recline rows
and a wicked ab circuit that involved Russian twists, side planks and barbell rollouts

When I looked at the workout last night I thought “Ah, it’s not too hard. I can do that in the morning and then do my 5/3/1 squats in the evening.”

Bwahahahahah! Yeah, right!

My legs are shot. Not to mention I had to fix fence on the ranch today, so I spent all afternoon pounding steel posts into the ground and wrestling with barbed wire. So my legs are most definitely not going to be doing back squats tonight. In fact, my legs and I are going to go lay down now.

3 thoughts on “Bags, Bells and Body Weight

  1. Keep after it, your body will adapt in no time. That is what I love about 5/3/1 – it is so flexible and adaptable. Just do the basic lifts, maintain what you have and then concentrate on your conditioning.

  2. Hey Tami, I saw your comments in n8tive’s log on BWC. I like your writing style and workouts. Nice blog! Keep up the good work and if you feel led, start a log over at BWC.

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