Raw, Cold, Naked Fear

Find Back Squat One Rep Max:

Light warmup sets (55# – 125#)

135# x 1
145# x 1 (I put the belt on at this point)
155# x 1
160# x 1 (PR)
165# x 1 (PR)

I had a vague sense of unease and angst throughout the day. You know the feeling, just like when you have to give a speech in front of a large group of people or have that “very special” exam at the doctor’s office. No, I was not doing either of those things – I was going to do heavy back squats. (Though I must say, as much as I hate to squat heavy I would much rather do that than either of the two things listed above.)

I do not like to squat. Heavy squats fill me with raw, cold, naked fear. It’s that simple.

With a deadlift or a press you just can’t lift it if you go too heavy. It either stays on the ground or on your shoulders. Go too heavy on a back squat, however, and calamity may ensue.

Death, dismemberment, catastrophic spinal injuries. Not necessarily in that order.

So it was with much trepidation that I settled under the bar this evening. To top it off, it’s the first day of Shark Week and I’m less that optimal physically. But it really wasn’t that bad. The last rep came up by the hair on my chinny chin chin and also by the skin of my teeth. Yes, it was so close I had to use both pop culture references to avoid catastrophe. I made it though, and it was a 10# PR.

I’m really glad that’s all over. For now.


2 thoughts on “Raw, Cold, Naked Fear

  1. Congratulations on your 10-lb PR! I, too, have an issue with the little demon that lives at the bottom of the back squat. But I’ve been doing squats more regularly so we’re in a state of detente now, instead of outright warfare 🙂

    Also, lifting during Shark Week (what I like to refer to as “hormone poisoning” takes a certain grit. Good on you, girl!

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