Epic Press Fail

Find Press One Rep Max:

Light warmup sets (25# – 65#)

1 x 70# / 1 x 72# / 1 x 73# (fail!)

As high as I was after my deadlift success on Monday, I was entirely in the opposite direction today. That is, low. Low, low, low.

My press one rep max is falling faster than the Minnesota Vikings in playoff time, as they say around these parts. Fast, in other words.

I was ticked. I was frustrated. Most of all, I was perturbed.

Why am I working more, and gaining less?

After much rumination, I believe I have some thoughts on that.

  1. I hurt my shoulder
  2. Because I hurt my shoulder, I stopped doing push-ups, dips, pull-ups and burpees. I also cut back on push press and push jerk. Oh, yeah, and last month I quit benching.
  3. Hey, genius, you’re not doing any shoulder work.

Well, there’s your problem.

I also did what any modern human in the world would do when faced with a conundrum: I Googled. I found a great bit of advice from Glenn Pendelay on increasing the press. Basically, he said make sure your legs are strong and do push press, push jerks and press variants three days a week.

I most definitely will be doing that, as having a weak press just irritates the heck out of me.

And today after my press fail, and because I was ticked, frustrated and perturbed, I did this:

Push Press – 5 x 5


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