Pennies From Heaven

Push-up Pyramid
1-5 reps, 4 rounds

Press – 5/3/1+
47# / 54# / 60# (4 reps)

Power Clean – Work up to heavy single
hang power clean – 5 x 33# / 5 x 53# / 3 x 63# / 2 x 73# / 2 x 83# / 1 x 93# / 1 x 103#
power clean (from floor) – 1 x 108# / 1 x 113#


Complete 8 rounds for time:
3 Presses @ 75% of 1 RM (55# 1st round + 2 reps, then 45#)
10 Alternating Lateral Ball Slams – 16 lbs

*For alternating lateral ball slams, face straight ahead, rotate at your toso to slam the ball on your side. Alternate every rep for 10 total, 5 right, 5 left.

Wow. Mother smucking arm day. My arms are tired, but mercifully my shoulder is pain free. That’s a win in my book!

I based the push-up pyramid (which I should have done after the presses, duh) on a post by Jim Smith. I didn’t have workout partners so I had to use my imaginary friends (just like my childhood!) I’m not that good at counting, or math, and I can’t see my fingers or toes while doing push-ups, so I laid out four sets of five pennies and used those to time and count reps. I was the first row, and my non-existent buddies were the other three rows. I’d move the pennies while they did their imaginary reps. They were sure slow, the slackers.

Of course, considering that my imaginary friends from childhood were Willy, Cindy and the Black Stallion, I’m sure it was the horse that held us up.


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