Dumbell What?

Barbell Complex – 3 sets of 5 reps

Hang snatch
Overhead squat
Back Squat
Good Mornings


Deadlift – 3/3/3+
161# / 184# / 207# (5 reps with belt)


Complete 4 rounds:
Each round consists of 6 cycles of the following:

DB Hang Power Clean
DB Front Squat
DB Push Press
DB Lunge RT
DB Lunge LT

*Do not set the weight down during the 6 times through the cycle.
*Rest as needed between rounds.
*Go up in weight each round to perform the heaviest round possible.

15# / 20# / 20# / 20#

Finally, a day where I had spare time in the morning to work out. I was stiff and sore and making some creaking noises that would have been great overdubbed in a horror movie, but after two rounds of the barbell complex I felt pretty darn good. The deadlifts felt awesome. The dumbbell complex was fun, except for the lunges which I suddenly seemed unable to do. I thought I would spas out on the squats, but noooooo… this time my body decided to be all awkward and clumsy on a simple move like a lunge.

Wait… what? Why? Eh? Oh, never mind.


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