Just Do It!

I should have known that I wouldn’t be able to stick to a schedule during calving season. Calving season is chaos, pure and simple. You can’t say “I will do my squat workout at 3:00 pm on Monday” because at 3:00 pm on Monday you are listening to your neighbor say “Tami, isn’t agriculture exciting?” while he has his arm up to the shoulder inside a cow who is hanging by her back legs from the loader of a tractor while your mother is trying to find a cell phone signal to call the neighbor who does c-sections and the game warden stops by to make sure you’re not field dressing something you’re not supposed to be.

Yes, that really happened. I swear, I’m not making a word of that up.

Indeed, agriculture is exciting. Though I may prefer other words from time to time.

After I planned a workout this morning and it was interrupted by more “excitement” I decided to just throw plans out the window and work out when I have a spare moment.

So this evening that is how I found myself toting a kettlebell down the gravel road in front of our house after a calf peed down the front of my (previously) clean pants. Exciting!

Five rounds of:
5 – 25# kettlebell snatch, right
5 – 25# kettlebell snatch, left
125 yard kettlebell rack carry (alternate sides per round)


Deadlift – 5/5/5+
153# / 173# / 195# (5 reps, with belt)

The suck factor of the kettlebell rack carries is not to be underestimated. I could have done 10 snatches per side, but the kettlebell is an el-cheapo that I picked up at Wal-Mart and it has a seam on the underside of the handle that was ripping my palm up pretty good. I’ll have to keep working the snatches and hopefully build up some calluses on my hands. That was a fun workout and was inspired by the video Blair Morrison had posted today:


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