My Own Personal Rain Cloud

I had a really bad day today. Nothing went right. I was under a black cloud, just like that little guy in “Peanuts” who always had a rain cloud over him. Or maybe it was a dirt cloud. That be apropos too, because it’s been a long time since I had a bath.

Ranching, such a glamerous life.

Anyway, I did manage to get some training in, but it did not go well.

Power Snatch – Heavy single on the minute for 10 minutes

These felt like poo.

Back Squat – 5/5/5+
100# / 115# / 130# (4 reps)

These felt like poo, too. (Ha, ha – poo too.) Just a few weeks ago I was doing 140#+ for reps. And they felt awesome. What a difference a total lack of sleep and sloppy nutrition makes.


I finished it off with 6 rounds of 35# kettlebell swings (Russian) of 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest. I averaged 19 reps per round and totaled out with 113 reps.

My hands and forearms were so smoked I couldn’t hold the pencil to write it down in my log. When I look back I’ll probably wonder why I had the serial killer scrawl going on that day. I dun sum swings.


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