Of Bovines and Blizzards


It would seem I have missed some training in the last two weeks. I have a really, really good excuse. Really.

I was trying to save the lives of lots of these:

and also lots of these:

You see, it’s calving season on the ranch. For those of you that aren’t ranchers that means that it is the time of year when all the baby calves are born. This year calving season coincided with horrendous weather. Snow, rain, sleet, mud – I honestly would not have been surprised if it had rained frogs. Wet baby calves plus the aforementioned meteorological conditions equals death.

I don’t think I have to tell anyone that death is bad. Very bad.

So for the past two weeks we have been patrolling the herd and scooping up babies as soon as they are born and moving them and mommas to the warm and dry barn.

Sleeping, eating, and training all take a backseat to trying to save the lives of our bovine companions.

I love my cows, I really do. I’m sad when they die, and we did lose some of my favorites and some babies, but death on a ranch also means loss of income. No baby calves to sell in the fall means no paycheck.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone that no paycheck is bad. Very bad.

For the next month I will probably not sleep more than three hours at a time and if I train I’ll have to squeeze it in between feeding hay and caring for the cattle.

It’s exhausting, and frustrating to not be able to schedule anything, but in the end it’s worth it because of this:

2 thoughts on “Of Bovines and Blizzards

    • I’m not sure how many total cows, like 160-ish I think. About 40 first calf heifers. We use Final Answer heifer bulls and we have no problems calving the heifers. Little suckers just pop right out.

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