Swinging Metabolic Complexities

Dan John Complex C:

Hang Power Snatch
Overhead Squat
Back Squat
Good Morning

3 sets of 3 reps for each exercise
do not let go of the bar or set it down until the completion of the set

53# (could have done more reps with this weight, the complex felt more like a warm up than a workout)

Deadlift – 3/3/3+
158# / 180# / 203# (5 reps, with belt)


Conditioning workout:

5 minutes of kettlebell swings, 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest

17/18/20/20/19 – 94 reps total

I could have done more sets, but I figured I had better take it easy the first time I do this workout. Again, avoiding putting oneself in traction is always a noble goal.

Then, because the weather was just flat out perfect, I took the dogs for a nice three mile hike.

For more kettlebell knowledge and general all around awesomeness check out Dan John’s recent article on T-Nation:


2 thoughts on “Swinging Metabolic Complexities

  1. I saw that article, and it got me thinking about doing a certain number of swings each day… I have a 45# kettlebell at home that I don’t use all that often, seems like I should consider it. I was thinking about starting at 75 — 3 sets of 25.

    For that complex, I probably wouldn’t be able to do much more weight than you did — heavy good mornings kinda scare me!

    • Kettlebell swings are great for building strong hammies and glutes. I only do Russian swings, so I concentrate on really popping my hips and glutes on the swings. 3 sets of 25 is a great place to start, I’ve done that too and it works very well. A few quick sets of swings doesn’t take that long and will be of great benefit (in my opinion, anyway.)

      The complex weight was kinda limited by my snatch, overhead squat and good morning abilities. They are fun though!

      Thanks for reading!

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