The Hill

Press – 3/3/3+
55# / 62# / 70# (4 reps)

Power Clean – Work up to heavy double
5 x 53# / 3 x 63# / 2 x 83# / 2 x 93# / 2 x 103# / 2 x 113#

Hill Sprints – 7 rounds, 80% effort
full recovery between rounds

It seems that my power cleans have become weaker, instead of stronger. I find this a bit perplexing, as I have been working them pretty hard in my 5/3/1 protocol. Perhaps this template does not work with the Olympic lifts? We shall see, I guess.

I planned to do 10 rounds of hill sprints, but at round seven I got the old twinge in my legs, so I stopped before I put myself in traction for a month. Avoiding traction is always a wise decision.

The dogs were pumped because they thought we were going exploring. Izzy (the border collie) ran up and down the hill five times before he lost interest and/or patience and went to dig up mouse nests. Gus (the english shepherd) went halfway up the hill once and then went back to the bottom and laid down. What’s the point in wasting all that energy, anyway?

Good question, Gus.

“Meh. I’ll wait for you down here.”


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