Judo Ground Work

Judo tonight. All groundwork. There is a tournament coming up for some people and our resident juijitsu expert worked on ground with us all night. He is an excellent teacher and it was lots of fun.

When we worked on a Kesa Gatame escape the jj teacher was showing us, I took advantage of a brief lull and tried the escape Matt demonstrated above. Whattayaknow, it worked! I even used Crusher as my uke, and as her name would imply she usually crushes me with Kesa Gatame and I can never get out of it. For an escape we were taught the “pull your arm out to the side” technique that Matt mentions above. Like he says, it never works. But this one did!

I’m perhaps overly excited by this because I always end up being pinned in Kesa Gatame at some point during a match. We were working on a different technique tonight and after I finished practicing it someone said “Tami, it looks like you’ve been doing that for years!” I said “Well, actually, I’ve been getting pinned for years.” Ha, ha! Big difference.


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