Sympathetic Appetite

In the morning:

Row sprints 30 seconds @ 95%
Walk rest 1:30
3 sets

135 m / 1.51.5 / 34 s/m
136 m / 1.50.2 / 36 s/m
136 m / 150.2 / 36 s/m
407 m / 1.50.5 / 35 s/m – Totals

In the evening:

Power Snatch – 58# x 2 – on the minute for 10 minutes

Bench Press – 5/3/1+
68# / 77# / 86# (2 reps)

Back Squat – 5/3/1+
108# / 122# / 137# (3 reps)

Kettlebell Swings – 35#
2 sets of 40 reps, 60 seconds rest

I felt ok on everything today. I ate really, really badly over the weekend and it bled over into today. I blame this:

I love Appalachian Trail books. I would probably never hike it myself, due mostly to life circumstances and also that whole having to sleep in a tent or nasty shelter thing. I couldn’t handle the spiders. I’m perfectly content to be an armchair hiker and just take a day hike here and there in real life.

However, anyone who has ever read a book about a thru-hike knows that a good portion of the story will focus on The Appetite. The Appetite, of course, is the super power that people who hike 10-20 miles a day for six months develop. The Appetite will enable a five foot tall, 110 pound woman to eat a whole large pizza, half a key lime pie and an order of onion rings in one sitting. And she’d probably be hungry again an hour later. Appalachian Trail books usually describe the wanton consumption of obscene amounts of pizza and pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

My problem while reading a thru-hike book is my sudden development of the Sympathetic Appetite. I seem to think that because I am vicariously hiking the trail that I too can eat unlimited amounts of Chunky Monkey. Eh, not so much.

So, I need to make it through the book and get back on track with my Whole30 eating.

Either that or head to Springer, Georgia.


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