Lidocane and Muscle Cleans

In the morning:

10 ball slams (16#)
Row sprint 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Three rounds

Five minute intermission, then:

10 push press (60#)
Row sprint 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Three rounds

Round 1: 4:03 / 432 meters / 1:56 m/avg

Round 2: 5:23 / 442 meters / 1:52 m/avg

In the afternoon:

Muscle Clean – 3×3

Press – 3/3/3+
53# / 60# / 68# (5 reps)

Deadlift – 3/3/3+
154# / 176# / 198# (5 reps)

The morning workout was lifted and modified from Gym Jones. It was part of a longer workout on their site, and their’s was five rounds instead of three. Three was plenty for my purposes, but the five minute intermission could have been cut down to 3 or 2:50 since I didn’t do as many rounds.

I’m pretty sure I rowed faster than I’ve ever rowed in my life during this workout. I looked up and saw 1:52 avg/m on the monitor and I had one of those “Holy s**t! Am I rowing?” moments. Perhaps you’ve heard the old joke: two little old ladies are driving through the city in a car. Margret is in the passenger seat and as they come to a red light Maude just keeps on going, right through the light. The same thing happens at the second light, and the third. By the time they come to the fourth red light Margret  can’t take it any more and says “Maude, that light is red, you better stop!” Maude looks over and says “Holy s**t! Am I driving?” That was me rowing this morning… “What the… did I do that?”

I’ve been having a little trouble with my big toe the last week. I was scheduled to see the doc at lunchtime today, and I was starting to think I may have had a staph infection in it. Turns out it was merely an ingrown toenail and they shot me full of lidocane and did a little surgery on it. It actually didn’t hurt any more after the surgery than before, but I had that weird feeling like you get at the dentist when you can’t feel half your face, only I couldn’t feel half my foot. Turns out it’s kind of hard to do Olympic lifts when you can’t feel one of your appendages. Hence the low weight muscle cleans.


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