Call Me Zippy

Power Snatch – 2 reps @ 55# on the minute for 10 minutes


Bench Press – 3/3/3+
63# / 72# / 81# (5 reps)


Back Squat – 3/3/3+
101# / 115# / 130# (5 reps)


35# kettlebell swings (Russian) – 2 x 40 reps (60 sec. rest between sets)

Today was a good day. In fact, it was pretty close to a perfect day. After months of cold and snow it was a glorious 60 degrees, no wind and not a cloud in the sky. Hard not to be happy with that.

It must have carried over to my workout, because I felt awesome tonight. Don’t know why (shrugging my shoulders), just the way the day panned out I guess. I was peppy. Actually, I was downright zippy. I felt strong, the weights felt great, I had the tunes rocking, and I was all alone in the house so I could sing along all I wanted. And I sing along quite badly (and loudly) I might add. I may have even danced a little teeny bit.

I know, the world is spinning off its axis. Tami danced.

Good thing there were no witnesses.



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