It’s Complex

Kettlebell swing – 3 sets of 25 reps @ 35#
2:00 minutes rest between sets

Barbell complex:

8-6-4 reps of:
Power clean
Front Squat

My knees and hamstrings were hurting a lot tonight, so I was really hesitant to do any complex routine that had squats in it. After I warmed up and did the kettlebell swings I felt a lot better and did this really quick workout.

It’s a good one to do when you’re pressed (no pun intended) for time, but I think next time I would go heavier and either do push press or do presses until failure and then switch to push press. My press strength really limited the amount of weight I could use on this. The power cleans and front squats were pretty easy.

Also, next time I would make the rest periods be equal to the time it takes to do the previous set. For example, if it took 1:05 to do the eights set, I would rest 1:05 and then do the six set, etc.

Ah well, live and learn.


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