Heavy Day

In the morning:

Row 30 seconds @ 90% effort – Row 30 seconds @ 50% effort x 20 sets
Rest two minutes off rower every five minutes

Meters per 5:00 intervals: 834 ? / 1094 / 1100 / 1115 = 4143 total meters

This ended up being essentially four five-minute intervals. I totally screwed up the first set because I set the rower to the interval option, not realizing that the rest period data would not show up even though I was still rowing. I was also in la-la land the first two intervals and totally forgot that I was supposed to keep rowing and not stop and pick my toenails or something.

“Hey, this is easy!”

Well, it got a lot less easy after I woke up and kept rowing on the “rest” interval.

In the evening:

Power Snatch – 2 reps @ 53# on the minute for ten minutes

Bench Press – 5/5/5+
59# / 68# / 77# (6 reps)

Back Squat – 5/5/5+
95# / 108# / 122# (5 reps)

Needless to say, my legs are mucho tired tonight.


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