And Then My Intestines Decided to Evacuate the Premises

Row 500 meters x 3
Rest 5:00 between rounds


Why is it that rowing workouts always look easier on paper? With other workouts you can see it written down and say “My God, that looks horrible. My spleen will probably fall out!” But with rowing you see 500 meters x 5 with 5:00 rest periods and it seems like a walk in the park. Or a glide down the Charles, as it were.

I planned on doing five rounds. After the first round that still seemed feasible. After the second round the idea started to float around in my head that I might not make five. After the third round it seemed like I might not be able to run to the bathroom quickly enough to empty the contents of my intestines. Actually, it kind of felt like both the contents of my intestines and my actual intestines themselves evacuated the premises.

I know, TMI.

But hey, rowing will do that to you.


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