It’s Perfect Weather for Sledding

So, the first week of my new 5/3/1 cycle has been… ah… chaotic. Day one was awesome, just as planned. Day two (Tuesday) was supposed to be squat day. Squat day is NEVER awesome, but I completely forgot I had a commitment that night and I didn’t have time to do it. So I thought I’d do them last night. I had a really great warmup, then picked up the empty bar for my first set of warm up squats… and I felt awful. My knees creaked and groaned and made alarming popping noises. Then the pain hit. Being older and (a little bit) wiser, I decided to just forget it. I’ll try them Saturday and if that doesn’t work I’ll just do more sled drags.

Whatever, dude. Go with the flow.

Today, however, went better. Today was deadlift day (there was much rejoicing! Yay!)

Deadlift ā€“ 5/5/5+
143# / 165# / 187# (5 reps)

Power Clean ā€“ 5/5/5
74# / 86# / 97#

Sled drags
4 x 50-ish meters (50#)

There’s only one thing I love more than deadlifts (and my momma) and that’s building stuff out of junk. I built myself a prowler and a sled out of junk recently, and today was the maiden voyage of the sled. It worked great, except for the part where I turned around too sharp and the post snapped off. Woops. I think the metal was not thick enough to get a good weld, so I’m going to try bolts next.

The road was partly covered in snow and was kind of in a hollow, so it was downhill and then uphill both ways. Really, not kidding. Uphill both ways. My dad always used to tell me he had to walk two miles to school uphill both ways and eat lard sandwiches for lunch. Turns out the uphill both ways stuff is true. Not sure about the lard sandwiches, though. Sounds a bit icky. I mean, who would put bread on their perfectly good lard? Yuck!

Anyhoo, dragging a sled on the snow is a piece of cake. When it hit the gravel though, it got significantly tougher. I would have done more, except for that whole post snapping off thing.



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