Clean It Up!

Power Clean – 5/3/1 reps
84# / 95# / 106# (2 reps)

I’ve been thinking of backing off on the cleans and jerks, as I’m feeling weaker and not stronger, as I should be. Not good.

Tonight, however, gave me a bit of hope. The first two sets felt great, and light. The last set I was supposed to do one rep, but the first one was a little stinky on technique. Since you’re never supposed to quit on a miss I did one more.

I finished with three sets of 25 kettlebell swings at 35# with 60 seconds rest between sets.

Today is day 15 of my Whole30. Halfway if I decide to go 30 (I may go 49, because I might be in the big city on February 20 and the big city means Coldstone Creamery and by God don’t stand in my way if there’s a Coldstone Creamery nearby.)

Ok, deep breath.

As I was saying, today is day 15 and I feel awesome. The burning fatigue is gone from my legs, I have tons of energy, I sleep great in spite of way too much computer time, and I’m having a blast cooking. So, all systems go!


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